INWORD and Russky Holod became partners

INWORD becomes a translation service provider for the Russky Holod Group.

INWORD becomes a translation service provider for the largest Russian ice cream producer Russky Holod.

Due to the improvement of equipment, use of the latest technologies and interaction with foreign partners Russky Holod requires professional linguistic support. Outsourcing of translation and marketing services is becoming an industry trend that allows companies to optimize their costs and increase productivity by entrusting the hiring and management process to professionals.

Anatoly Sitnikov, a member of the Board of Directors of Russky Holod, and Grigory Kurbatov, the founder of INWORD, discussed and agreed on the main goals and directions of the new cooperation.

What is remarkable is that for the last 4 years the concern became one of the main producers on the Russian market of ice-cream. Export of products to Western and European countries makes cooperation with Russky Holod as effective and mutually beneficial as possible.

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