Opening in Dubai – Where Partnerships are Required

Дубай является международным центром, привлекающим глобальный бизнес и многонациональные корпорации. Мы рады сообщить, что INWORD теперь открыт в Центре международной торговли города Дубай.

A rapidly changing world requires companies to go global. The opening of this office is the result of a growing demand for marketing and translation services in the UAE, one of the most dynamic and fastest growing markets in the region. This is why marketing and translation company INWORD has opened its new office, located in one of the most successful business centers, the Dubai World Trade Center.

The World Trade Center of Dubai City is one of the leading business areas for enterprises from all over the world, as well as for local companies. It provides a full range of services related to exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other events. The center provides comfortable accommodations for up to 12,000 people at a time, allowing it to host a variety of events simultaneously.

“We are pleased to announce that we have opened our new office at the Dubai World Trade Center. The decision was made based on market demand, especially as Dubai has become one of the leading cities in terms of economic development.”

Grigory Kurbatov, founder of the Company

Collaboration around the world

The newly opened INWORD office will be responsible for providing marketing and translation services to companies around the world interested in doing business with the Middle East and Africa region, as well as translation services in more than 50 languages.

Our clients include multinational corporations, governments, universities and small businesses from all over the world. We offer marketing and translation solutions both on-site and online, as well as consulting services to help you get the most out of your content.

Our team has experience working with clients ranging from small businesses to large multinationals with offices around the world, so we understand how important it is for companies to be able to communicate with their customers no matter where they are or what language they speak.

Big solutions require a unique approach

Promote your business worldwide with INWORD and attract more customers to your products and services. Contact us and our managers will tell you about the benefits of partnering with us.

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