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Why do you need Business Translation?

Деловой перевод является важной частью любого глобального бизнеса, поскольку он помогает компаниям общаться с клиентами, поставщиками и партнерами со всего мира. Профессиональные услуги перевода для бизнеса помогают компаниям поддерживать доверие и снижают риск недопонимания или ошибок в переводе.

Our global Clients

Our Prices

We offer some of the best prices in the industry.

  • from 1 ₽ per word
  • from 2,5 ₽ per word
Types of documents

What documents require translation?

The INWORD team often handles business translations of large volumes of documents, including:

  • Charters
  • Employment Contracts
  • Transaction Documentation
  • Opinion Letters
  • IPO Prospectus

We don't just translate into another language, we understand the country's laws and its judicial system.

Feature of Business Translation

Consistency of Terminology

There is a big difference between legal/business vocabulary and everyday language. Special terms in documents have a specific meaning, any change of word can result in a document with a completely different meaning.  It is important to know the unique legal terminology of the target country and specialized area during the translation process.

For example, if a an error exists in a patent , it can lead to rejection, loss or contestation of the patent. This is especially true for documents in the field of biotechnology. Many chemicals have long names or only one letter different in spelling (e.g., ethyl and methyl). Careless translation or other human factors may result in a completely different formula.


Each country has its own legal system, and none is completely identical. Even in countries that speak the same language, such as the English-speaking United States, Canada, and England, there are enormous differences in jurisprudence and terminology.

In some countries, it is necessary to describe certain points in more detail and further explain the meaning of familiar terms. For example, some rules in the UK are taken for granted, but agreements with the Chinese side must be clear on these issues.

Time Constraints

Most documents have an expiration date, so delays are unacceptable. No one will wait more than a few days to respond to a business letter. Documents that are not relevant are usually considered invalid, and the work done will be in vain, you will have to start all over again.


The information contained in the documents is considered a trade secret, the leakage of such information can be detrimental to the business. That is why it is important for the customer to conclude a non-disclosure agreement with the translator.

Cultural Preferences

Even a small cultural blunder can have consequences ranging from embarrassment to outrage. For example, the same Chinese one-syllable word can be pronounced with the wrong sound or with the wrong turn of the tongue, and its meaning changes from ridiculous to offensive.

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