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What is a Financial Translation?

Financial translations are written translations of texts and documents that cover topics from the fields of economics, accounting, banking, capital markets, insurance, etc. Due to their highly specialized nature, financial transfers must be carried out by specialists who are fluent in knowledge in specific areas.

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Importance of Financial Translation

One of the conditions necessary for the conduct of global business of international companies and corporations is the translation of financial documentation into certain foreign languages. They are required by law to publish financial statements on a regular basis and often provide their shareholders with mostly financial investor relations information.

types of documents

What documents require Financial Translation?

Our experts are practitioners from top audit and consulting firms and are familiar with most types of documents, including:

  • Accounts
  • Audit and financial reporting
  • Tax opinions
  • Payment orders
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features and benefits

Benefits of cooperation

Translation of financial documents require professional translators experience in a specific field. The fidelity of the translation is significant for international deal closing. Translation must be made in accordance with international requirements and standards in order to be considered correct and legal in many countries of the world.

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