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What is Software Localization?

Software localization is a process of adapting software, content and documentation to other language, culture and local requirements. Software localization provides support for interfaces in user's language while taking cultural specifics into consideration.

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Why do you need Software Localization?

Software localization helps with expanding the app’s international audience and improving conversion. It also provides usability for users of different language, cultural and regional specifics.

What's necessary for Software Localization?

Successful software localization requires knowledge of language, cultural and regional differences of the target audience. For example, different countries may have different rules and standards of software operation, unique social networks and messengers popular amongst users.


Benefits of Software Localization

Software localization have lots of benefits including:

  • Allows software developers to provide their services for international audience
  • Developing user-friendly interface in user own language
  • Improved user experience
  • Increase profits
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Benefits of Cooperation

In order to provide high quality of software localization it’s necessary to work with professional localization specialists experienced in this area as well as have knowledge of language and culture of target audience. Our company has a great history of localizing software into various languages. Our team of professional localization specialists guarantees highest quality of translation and software adaptation for different regions and countries. Contact us for the professional software localization and we will help you expand the global audience of your product.

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