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Why do you need Technical Translation?

Translation of specialized scientific and technical literature requires translation of blueprints and technical documents. The possible translation material includes article, news on various disciplines of science and technology, documentation on various devices and equipment. It is important to preserve the idea of source material, accuracy and consistence of author’s thoughts.

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What is included in Technical Translation?

Translator’s ability to present and embody his creative energy in text is a key to high-quality technical translation. This creative process can be described as a “translation in the same breath”. Only experienced translators acquire required read rate and proper abbreviation skills.

Composition of technical documents

It’s important to preserve style and structure of text in technical documents and data-sheets especially in terms of tables, drafts and diagrams in order to clarify their functions to reader.

We work with all the basic standards of engineering drawings including:

  • GOST
  • ISO
  • ASME
  • BS
  • DIN
  • JIS

Accuracy and Consistency

Accuracy and consistency of key thoughts is integral part of technical translation. At the same time use of emotional and free assertions is unacceptable because the essence of the original material will be corrupted. It’s better to avoid complicated constructions that hamper perception of translated ideas.

Terminological profusion

It’s important to preserve the whole terminology, respect its integrity so the text remains authentic, correct and intelligible for specialists. Similar terms might have a few equivalents in other language. That’s the reason why the translator must master terminology of his field of translation.


Technical texts use various abbreviations with lots of meanings. They must be taken into account during the work on material in order to preserve its ideas.


Technical translation requires following certain rules, standards and norms. It’s important to translate briefly but keep information and content intact.

Special phrases and expressions

Original texts may contain specific phrases absent in other language. Translator not only has to choose the apropriate and compatible words, but also develop new terms. 

Lexical meaning

Unawareness of the theme of the text might lead translator to consider unknown words as to be mistaken or misprinted. 

features and benefits

Benefits of cooperation

In our projects we apply advanced tools in order to improve productivity. Our service is provided in the shortest time without delays. Our QA team guarantees high quality of translation and usability.

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