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What is a Website Localization?

Website localization is a process of adapting website to cultural, linguistic and regional peculiarities of target audience. Localization includes translation of website's content into languages of target audience as well as adaptation of design, structure and functionality of website.

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Why do you need Website Localization?

Website localization for the foreign audience is the first step to the establishment of global business. Website localization helps with expansion of site’s audience at international level and improvement of conversion. It also improves usability for users of different language and cultural and regional patterns.

What's necessary for Website Localization?

Successful website localization requires knowledge of language, cultural and regional differences of the target audience. For example, different countries may have different rules and standards for date and time, different measurement units, unique social networks and messengers popular amongst users.

features and benefits

Benefits of Cooperation

In order to provide high quality of translation it’s necessary to work with professional localization specialists experienced in this area as well as have knowledge of language and culture of target audience. It’s the only way to provide high quality of website content translation, design adaptation and functionality for various regions and countries, as well as guarantee usability for users of different cultures and regions.

Frequently asked questions

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Multilingual site localization increases customer loyalty and leads to sustainable development. Inability to perform an operation in native language frustrates the customer. A frustrated customer will never come back, which means lower revenue for you and no chance of establishing a relationship with that customer.

The cost of site localization depends on the specific project and can be calculated in several ways. Our specialist will determine the criteria for your project and calculate the cost before moving on to other stages of the localization process.

By hiring a professional team with highly qualified specialists, you get the most comfortable conditions for promoting your services or products, avoid mistakes of any kind and get full support.

Site localization can occur at different stages of the site development, depending on the needs of our clients. While some people want to get a complete translation right away, others want to start with a ready-made basic version, after which they will continue to develop their project.

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