The Magic of Machine Translation

Machine translation handles a lot of content quickly and well, but humans still understand context, nuance, and colloquialisms better.

Machine translation (MT) has been a hot topic for a long time and is still very popular today. With it, users can quickly translate text from one language to another by typing, loading a document, or using their phone’s camera.

Machine translation is a great tool that works much faster than any other translation tool. However, the accuracy of this tool is questionable because sometimes it does not provide 100% accurate translation.

Disadvantages of machine translation

The main problem with machine translation today is that it cannot translate idioms and common sayings. Such texts cannot be translated literally, and only a few similar meanings can be found in the target language. This problem becomes even more apparent if you try to translate something from an unfamiliar language into your native language, because there may be no known text that fits as an equivalent in your native language. The meaning of a word or phrase can be lost in translation if there is no common equivalent in your native language or culture.

Another problem with machine translation is that it cannot capture emotions, slang expressions, and cultural references specific to only one language or culture.

The importance of post-editing

Machine translation has been used for decades to help non-native speakers translate texts into their native language. However, MT is not an exact translation, it cannot capture the text’s intonation, etc. This is where our service comes in handy – we will help you edit the translated text so that it can be read perfectly and you can be assured that the message is conveyed correctly. Our editors are native speakers of the target language who have a feel for the text. They use their extensive knowledge of the language and culture of their native country to edit the translation of your content.

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