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When Legal Accuracy Matters
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Why do you need a proper Legal Translation?

Legal translation is one of the most complex forms of document translation. Even minor errors, ambiguities or misinterpretations are unacceptable in this work, otherwise the translated document may become invalid, and its owner may face legal and financial problems.

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What documents require Legal Translation?

Translators of legal documents work with documents for various purposes. These may include some of the following documents:

It is better to entrust the translation of legal documents to specialists who not only have an impeccable command of the language pair, but are also familiar with the legislation of those countries into whose languages translation is needed.

  • Constituent documents and charters
  • Powers of attorney
  • Treaties
  • Letters of intent
  • Official records
  • Intellectual property

Features of the legal documents translation

The translation of legal documents takes into account the specifics of the profession of those who read the source text: judges, lawyers and other representatives of the legal community. In practice, documents have to be translated into professional slang, a special language known only to these professionals. This language is characterized by legal terminology, verbosity, formality, and complex sentence structure with many passive voices. The translator must understand whether legal terminology is being used for legally binding documents or whether the document is for public viewing.

How is Legal Translation regulated?

In many countries, the activities of legal translators are regulated by the state. To work in this area, you need a higher education in the field of business and legal translation. In Argentina and Brazil, legal translators need government-issued certificates. In the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, translators take a professional oath and regularly confirm their qualifications by passing an exam. In the UAE, the government issues a license for the professional practice of legal translation, which must be renewed every year.

Frequently asked Questions

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Different countries have different rules and regulations. Legal translators are professional specialists who understand the peculiarities of different countries, laws, and business culture. Our legal document translation services will save you from the numerous hassles associated with foreign affairs. Contact our legal department, which is staffed by experts in legal translation and interpreting.

Yes, sure. Your translation of legal documents can be certified both by a notary and by a certificate with the seal of our company.

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