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What is Localization?

Localization is a process of adapting product or service to language, culture and requirements of a specific region or country. The goal of localization process is to create a product that looks and works like a local, not a foreign one. Localization helps companies with expanding their business beyond their home country, to attract new customers and improve user experience.

What do we localize?

Our company provides professional localization services for various products and services including software, websites, applications, videogames, campaigns and etc. We do business with experienced localization specialists who understand cultural differences and language nuances.

What countries do we provide localiztion for?

We provide localization into many languages including Asian, European, African and etc. We also respect local traditions and laws in order to provide full correspondence of product with local standards and requirements.

What is included into the process of Localization?

Our localization services not only include translation of text but also adaptation of images, symbols and colors, changes in form and style of content. We also provide testing of localized products in order to check their operability and correspondence with local requirements.

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We provide services for many industries such as IT, media, adverising, tourims, finances and etc.

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