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We offer a wide range of QA-services: strategy and automatization of testing, testing mobile applications and performance testing.
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What are QA, Testing and Usability?

QA services, testing and usability are first and foremost designed to prevent various problems with an application or a website, as well as to drastically improve quality of interaction with the audience. This will give you confidence in your website even under severe loads and will let you see what lies ahead.

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What's included in QA, Testing and Usability?

Our team of QA, testing and usability specialists work to make your product free of any possible mistakes. We test websites, software and applications around the world using various methods in order to guarantee that our users are safe from malfunctions of third party payment systems or leaking of their personal data.

  • Acquiring feedback straight from the target audience
  • Inquiry testing shows the reaction of users on possible options
  • Identification of possible issues before the launch of product

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Frequently asked questions

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Price of the project depends on the quantity of work and requirements of customer. Contact us and our managers will help you calculate your project.

Time required for QA and testing is defined by a type of work provided. It takes from 2 up to 4 weeks in case of multi-page website or application.

It’s important to define the type of work before starting – specify highlights of QA and testing and choose specialists. This way you can provide yourself with the most comfortable experience which will lead to a high rate of application or website performance, as well as spare you of any issues.

Right choice of specialists will prevent any issues like system malfunctions. Only qualified testers can check if pages render correctly and find serious mistakes in code, which can lead to malfunctions.

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